Time-Lapse LP: Pre Order and full streaming of “Hidden Light”

It’s finally time to announce the release date of TIME-LAPSE, Lynch Kingsley ‘s debut album, which we presented with a MiniMix recently.

From May 14 the album will be available on CD and digital format in all the main shop, but, right now, you can buy the album on Pre-Order at the following link:



By purchasing the album now, you have the opportunity to download Hidden Light (feat. Imperial Sand), track number 7 on the album that you can listen to below:



Some info on the upcoming album:


Artist: Lynch Kingsley (www.facebook.com/lynchkingsley)
Title: Time-Lapse
Genre: Footwork, Jungle, Electronic
Remixers: Go Dugong (www.facebook.com/godugong) – SertOne (www.facebook.com/pages/SertOne/148202888540558)
Catalog-No: bmr006

Format: Digital / CD
Disc Duration: 53:09:43


1. Iʼve Never Known You
2. Eternal (feat. Nefer)
3. ArmsUp
4. Enchained
5. My Last Breath
6. Feel Me Now
7. Hidden Light
8. Feel Me Now (Go Dugong Rmx)
9. Eternal (SertOne Rmx)