The Tape (Episode 9: LYNCH KINGSLEY)

The jungle, as it is in our imagination, is made of dense vegetation, where the sun never beats due to a dense tangle of trees and lianas. The sounds of wildlife interrupt the silence of a seemingly uninhabited place.

But there is another jungle, not characterized by dense vegetation, but by cement, skyscrapers, large and small streets crossed by millions of people moving like ants.

It ‘s the urban jungle. The one made of large cities. The one that never sleeps, frenetic and chaotic. The one that goes to 160 BPM.

Well, this is the “jungle” of Lynch Kingsley.

The 9th episode of The Tape podcasts, contaminated by the footwork and updated to the new sounds, leads us in the metropolitan chaos where you never stop. So press play and start moving!


The Tape (Episode 9: LYNCH KINGSLEY) by Beat Machine Records


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01. Rockwell – *)* [808] [Exit Records]

02. dBridge – Move Way [R&S Records]

03. Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix) [Ninja Tune]

04. Omni Trio – Torn [Moving Shadow]

05. LTJ Bukem – Horizons (Philip D. Kick’s Footwork Jungle Edit) [Self-released]

06. Dream Continuum – Set It [Planet Mu]

07. Dj Clent – Red Legendz [Booty Tune]

08. Dawn Day Night – Alcoholic Dance Flow [Astrophonica]

09. Yamamoto Kotzuga – Lost Keys & Stolen Kisses [Highlife Recordings]

10. Salva – Rest In 3-Piece [Friends Of Friends]

11. Walton – Frisbee [Hyperdub]

12. XXXY – Open Your Eyes [Orca Recordings]



Lynch Kingsley is an electronic music producer from Rome, Italy. His musical style is heavily influenced by Chicago footwork, hip-hop and the UK bass scene. He likes to sink everything he does into deep atmospheric reverberations and complex ambient textures. He released a self-produced debut album “In The Past Her Memories Were Here” on September 2012 and a bunch of split albums under the Sirona Records label. After that, he decided to take a change into his style, moving from his earlier future garage, dark dubby hip-hop style to something faster, more abstract, complex, experimental but dance. Music for the body and the ears.


Other news:

– Founder along with other artists of the Kaleydowave Collective

– Album on Beat Machine Records (End Of April 2014) – PREVIEW

– EP in collaboration with Hymnature (2014)

– Others upcoming collaborations with Glanko and Oxossi